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Term 4 STEM After School Program – Fire Tech Camp Australia

About the Business

Creativity. Innovation. Technology.

Fire Tech Camp brings these together to empower your child with the right skills and environment so that they can build something amazing. We are a leading tech education provider, putting the power of technology into kids' hands so that they can create their own games, design smartphone apps, code like a pro, build robots to do their bidding, and learn much more in the fields of programming, engineering, design, making and the digital arts!

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About the Course


The Junior Maker course is targeted for kids aged between 6 and 12.

Over the course of eight weeks, your child will get the chance to explore all aspects of STEM and the tech making movement.  The course is designed to ignite a passion in technology and provide the kids with an overview of the different kinds and applications of technology that is available to them.

This is a highly hands-on course - one week they will be learning how to program a robot, the next will be building a video game from scratch - who knows where this will take them!


Course Details


In-school Extension program for students for 1 Hour a week led by Fire Tech Camp Instructor /Instructors.


Session Plan:


  • Week 1. Introduction to Robotics with “Ozobot”
  • Week 2. Introduction to Coding/Programming – “Scratch & Blockly”
  • Week 3. Video Games with Scratch
  • Week 4. Music with Electronics
  • Week 5. Constructing Electronics
  • Week 6. Video Game Design
  • Week 7. 3D Modelling and World Building with Minecraft
  • Week 8. Redstone (Electricity & Conductors) with Minecraft


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