LOTE - Japanese

Japanese (or as your children should be able to tell you : Nihongo)


The classes are taken by Elphick Sensei who is at the school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  All children in years 3-6 take part in a one-hour class every week.

During the year students will be exposed to some cultural and geographical aspects of Japan, along with the language.  Emphasis is on oral work, but senior classes will also begin to learn the Hiragana script for both reading and writing.  For the junior classes, only Romaji (our alphabet) will be used.


In Term 1 the children learnt various phrases to be used in greetings and introductions.  A quick look was taken at more traditional Japanese housing, with the children learning some related vocabulary.


While there is no set homework for the Japanese classes, regular revision is advised.  With lessons only once a week, retention of learnt words and phrases is almost impossible without revision during the week.  This is especially so when more than one week passes between lessons (public holidays, school holidays, staff PD days).  A suggestion is for children to take home their Japanese folders, copy new words to paper that is kept at home, and take the folders back to class immediately, so they aren't forgotten for the next lesson.  The more often new words are written and read aloud, the better the chance of remembering them.

The motto for the Japanese classes:  Ganbarimashoo (Let’s all give it our best)!!