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Scholastic Australia offers great books at fantastic prices through their book club.   To give students the opportunity to buy a book and experience independent reading, scholastic offers top quality Gold Coin Books ($1 and $2) on every Book Club.  Every book purchased earns the school reward points, which are used to purchase new books and resources for the library.  The book club catalogue comes out twice per term and will be sent home with the children.   Notices are placed on classroom doors with the due date to return your order.  Books will be delivered to your child’s classroom approximately three weeks from the date order forms are due. Book Club Catalogue


There are two options for payment.  Credit card via is the preferred way to pay for your scholastic books; however you can also pay with cash.  If paying by cash, place the order form and correct payment in an envelope marked book club and post it in the P & C box at the office. 


To pay with your credit card please visit , which is an online ordering and payment platform.  Books are still delivered to the school and reward points allocated to every purchase.  Please click on this link to view the ordering page. 


You can also download the “Scholastic Loop” app from apple app store or google play.           It is a very quick way to place your order.


Thank you for supporting book club.  Book Club is run by a volunteer. We are currently seeking a volunteer to take over Book club next year. Please see the information in recent news here if you think this could be you!


If you have any questions please contact me Julia Delanty on 0412 642 909 and I will be happy to help you.


Many Thanks


Book Club