STARR Award Recipients

Our STARR award recipients are recognised for their outstanding contribution to the school and displaying STARR qualities. In the past week they have been recognised as the most outstanding by their teacher.

Congratulations to all the STARR award recipients who receive a certificate at the weekly assembly.


19th May 2017


R9  Erin F

R10  Charlotte K

R11  Krish C

R12  Kaya M

R17  Ron N

R18  Angeline G

R19  Hayley L

R20  Ayu A

R6  Rosie S

R7  Hewan M

R8  Sajed S

Music  Star E

Art  Room 20

Lote Sangkhai D

Lote Annalise N

DT  Room 17

DT Shylah M


12th May 2017


R9  Nikita D

R10  Mika M

R11  Maddisyn D

R12  Leon J

R17  Rhett R

R18  Sienna P

R19  Valerie C

R20  Tahlia R

R6  Rosie G

R7  George P

R8  Samuel W

Music Telia M

Art  Room 12

Lote Tina S

Lote George P

DT  Room 12 


5th May 2017


R9  Adam T

R10  Indi W

R11  Nataliah B

R12  Sumaiya S

R17  Murray Y

R18  Henry P

R19  Kelly-Anne S

R20  Grace O

R6  Ella F

R7  Ruhan F

R8  Owen P

Music Sophia K

Art  Lauren M

Lote Stella W

Lote Amy M 



Year 1
Room 9 – Mrs Pinnock 

            Sophia K 

            Harseerat C

Year 1/2
Room 10 – Mrs Collins

            Sem B

            Adriel O

Room 11 – Miss Lavery

            Hanna B

            Krish C

Year 2

Room 12 – Mrs Jackson/Mrs Morris

            Jeremy Y

            Jasmina A

Year 3

Room 17 – Mrs Glendinning/Mrs Haines

            Jeeomarra M

            Roisin W

Room 18 – Mrs Wolfenden/Mrs Barratt

            Keelia B

            Noah M

Year 4

Room 19 – Mr Forbes

            Sangkhai D

            Matilda S

Room 20 – Mrs Rogers

            Grace R

            Citra Z



Year 5/6 

Room 6 – Mr Maffei

            Prithika S

            Jasmin S





Room 7 – Mrs Cunningham

            Jack J

            Hewan M


Room 8 – Mr Spencer 

            Kemalie E

            Julie T


Music – Mrs Neo

            Sumaiya S   


DT – Mrs Hawkesford

            Max W

            Abdul Basith I

           Georgia P


PE – Mr Archer

            Aixa C

            Seth H

            Kane R


LOTE – Mrs Elphick

            Tahlia R

            Denise N


Art – Mrs Merson

            Leon J

            Jenny V


24th March 2017

R9  Sebastien C

R10  Aixa CHillcrest STARR Poster

R11  Jasper T

R12  Telia M

R17  Beau T

R18  Krish P

R19  Matilda S

R20  Anthony D

R6  Cooper I

R7  Jamahl G

R8  Tracy J

Music  Alyssa L

Lote  Rhett R

Lote  Summer R

Art  Indi W

Art  Max B

Digital Technologies  Nazeeha K

Digital Technologies  Sangkhai D

17th March 2017


R9  Dane M

R10  Ianto D

R11  Georgie K

R12  Noah S

R17  Gigi C

R18  James C

R19  Chevy J

R20  Tahlia R

R6 Hannah A

R7  Kane R

R8  Julie T

Music    Nash S

Music   David P

Lote    Grace R

Lote    Tracy J

Art    Verity J

Art   Akiram H

Digital Technologies   Abdul Basith I

Digital Technologies   Aiden S

10th March 2017


R9 Sophia K

R10 Lucas H

R11  Esporta O

R12 Riley A

R17  Tyler B

R18  Max M

R19  Daniel S

R20  Cardell H

R6  Isabella B

R7  Jenny V

R8  Finn C

Lote   Blerim R

Lote   Lauren M

Art    Matilda S

Art    Dylan W

Digital Technologies Karstan Y

Digital Technologies   Om P

Digital Technologies   Azalia L


3rd March 2017


R9  Nash S

R10  Sem B

R11  Tomei M

R12  Jeremy Y

R17  Oliver K

R18  Noah M

R19  Shifa S

R20  Grace R

R6  Denise N

R7  Joseph S

R8  Charlie R

Music  Adriel O

Art  Sajed S

Art Chanel A

Lote  Abdul Basith I

Lote  Charlie R

Digital Technologies Summer L

Digital Technologies Kelly-Anne S

17th February 2017

R9  Daniella S

R10  Adriel O

R11  Krish C

R12  Dharumiya M

R17  Abdul Basith I

R18  Keelia B

R19  Sangkhai D

R20  Jonathan P

R6 Stefan K

R7  Taylor J

R8  Kyeson B

Music  Fara S

Lote  Omulbanin A

Lote  Ella F

10th February 2017

R9 Bella E

R10 Riley H

R11 Jude P

R12 Nazeeha K

R17 Zenyi F

R18 Nina K

R19 Sabastian C

R20 Citra Z

R6  Trell M

R7 Roda Y

R8 Verity J