Music Specialist

The music specialist Ms Su-Wei Neo is present Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Mrs Neo presents specialist music programs to all Kindergarten to Year 2 students.

The School Choir
The School Choir is open to Year three to six students and rehearses weekly.
The School Choir performs at assemblies, on special occasions like ANZAC Day, the Year six graduation, at shopping centres and in district wide competitions.

The Hillcrest choir performed admirably in the Choir Sing Festival on Thursday 16 June at UWA. Hillcrest was well represented by 27 Year 3 - 5 students who performed 2 songs "I'm hooked" and "When the red red robin comes bob bob bobbing along". Year 3 student Grace spoke beautifully as she introduced the choir to the audience.

Thank you to all the parents who came along to support the students and to Nadia W and Lydia T for helping Mrs Neo.

The students enjoyed it very much and were fabulous representatives of our school.


Choir Sing Festival June 2016

Instrumental Music
Year 5 students sit for a musical aptitude test for identification and selection for the Schools Instrumental Music program where students have the opportunity to learn one of a number of instruments.

This selection process takes place in year 6 and children attend John Forrest Secondary College for tuition.
Year 6 children usually attend on Tuesday afternoon from 2pm to 3pm